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MEAN Stack Developer

Job Title

MEAN Stack Developer


Seattle, WA


  • Plan and design highly scaleable, distributed systems, conforming to modern methods, and utilizing relevant design and architectural patterns as outlined below.
  • Evolve and continuously monitor the functional, performance and fault-tolerance aspects of product architecture, and provide appropriate guidance to various product development teams.
  • Serve as lead or technical expert to define and maintain the architectural frameworks/patterns, processes, standards and guidelines related to systems, business or data architecture.
  • Align approach with broader architecture vision.
Develop large-scale distributed apps using:
  • MEAN Stack (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Nodejs)
  • Apache Kafka
  • Mongoose ORM
  • JSONSchema/JSONPath
  • Latest JavaScript (ES7)
Experience with Large Scale Distributed System Patterns and Tools:
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment
  • Eventual Consistency
  • Event Sourcing
  • Reactive Microservice Architecture and Design
  • High Availability and DR
  • Container Management / Docker
  • Consistent REST API Design / Swagger
  • Log Aggregation
  • Distributed System Authentication
  • Distributed System Authorization
  • Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP)
Partner with business stewards to define performance metrics for target architecture(s); Promote and educate stakeholders on the use and value of optimized architecture(s). Familiarity with AWS Stack - at least:
  • EC2
  • ECS and ECR
  • CloudWatch
Additional Responsibilities:
  • Provide technical and architectural subject matter expertise to the various development teams including communicating architectural decisions and mentoring other technical staff around the various development technologies and decisions.
  • Identify core common data shared across the enterprise and participate in enterprise wide efforts to reach common understanding of those data.
  • May serve as lead, technical expert or project manager to team(s) concerned with development, networking and/or project management to coordinate changes and support enterprise technology initiatives.
  • Conduct studies of new technologies to provide more efficient and cost effective architecture solutions.
  • Oversee multiple projects in order to preserve the architectural vision and protect stakeholder interests as well as to meet operational and financial reporting requirements.
  • Confer with business units and application development staff to understand both the business and technical requirements and to define architectural constraints.
  • Create performance metrics and traceability maps to determine the effectiveness of architecture solutions and facilitate governance.
  • Keep abreast of relevant architecture best practices.
  • May review work of other team members and mentor junior architects.
  • Manage off-shore dev teams
Other skills necessary:
  • Focus, and practical attitude (no purists need apply).
  • Communicate clearly and understandably.
  • Stay organized and prioritized, think comprehensively about issues Ability to solve specific problems into general classes of solutions.
  • Ability to balance generic solutions against efficiency constraints.
  • Can negotiate interfaces and integrations.
  • Ability to develop strong working relationships and build trust with clients.
Nice To Have:
  • Loyalty and/or marketing experience
  • Payments systems experience
  • Understanding of POS
  • JVM-based Technologies (Java, Scala ,etc.)
  • Distributed processing frameworks - Spark, Storm
  • Machine Learning frameworks and algorithms (Mahout, AWS ML, Heroku)
Required Experience:
  • MONGODB: 3 years
  • AWS: 3 years
  • MEAN Stack: 3 years
  • Distributed Systems: 1 year
Required Education: Bachelor's Degree

Job Type: Full-time

Employee Referral Program with Incentives:

Incentives offered:
If a new employee hired through our employee referral program stays with the company for 6 months, then the referring employee receives a special bonus in the amount of $1000.00. The referring employee and the new referred employee must both be employed by the company at the time of the bonus payment.

Referral procedure:
A new referred employee/candidate completes an Employee Referral Form at the time of completion of their Application for Employment process to give credit to the employee who referred them. Note: Does not apply to Agencies.