Airline Customer Data Exchange (ACDX)

Over the years, Rythmos has helped build many solutions, integrating disparate data sources, consolidating audiences and mapping activities to enable visibility across the entire airline value chain. Many of these solutions were built by integrating multiple products, including traditional messaging brokers, SOA middleware services, off-the shelf and cloud apps, and relational and NoSQL data stores.

Airline Customer Data Exchange (ACDX)

The challenge, has always been to liberate customer data from silos to make it local, contextual and actionable in real-time. The Airline Customer Data Exchange (ACDX) solution from Rythmos is a one-stop-shop modern answer to this challenge.

Our Airline Customer Data Exchange (ACDX) solution is a customer innovation platform, delivered as a set of modernized components and frameworks that allows Rythmos and your IT staff to compose fast data microservices on a modern distributed broker back-bone, and to provide almost instantaneous origin-to-action, context-specific access for increasing numbers of more granular data sources.

An architectural blue-print as well as a set of pre-built components, which are brought together by Rythmos experts to deliver the benefits of our customer innovation platform to your use cases.

ACDX replaces traditional centralized message brokers with fast-data distributed event logs such as Kafka, Kinesis or Event Hubs, bringing enterprise messaging to planet-scale capacity, allowing it to process millions of messages per second.

ACDX accounts for the difficulty in applying a universal data model to an entire airline, by applying Domain Driven Design (DDD) and context mapping to gain flexibility without compromising data quality and consistency across a large and complex domain model.

ACDX embraces a microservice approach, recognizing the complexity of large-scale enterprise development and taking advantage of the benefits of working in many small teams on bounded contexts, without losing sight of the overall domain model and architecture.

ACDX leverages multiple purpose-driven operational and analytical data stores to enable optimal fit for purpose and context specificity in data delivery, allowing for independent scalability, as well as the use of eventual consistency and CQRS patterns for optimal performance.

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