Customer and Prospect Data Cleansing

Like any business, most airlines interact with customers and prospects through various channels, often creating inconsistent or duplicate customer data stored in siloed data sources. Yet airlines tend to be among businesses that collect the most accurate customer data due to the strict rules for identification during travel.

Customer and Prospect Data Cleansing


Our Customer Data Cleansing and Deduplication service provides a comprehensive, systematic approach to managing, cleansing, enriching and de-duplicating customer data.

We analyze how an airline acquires customers and prospects, we understand and model customer data lifecycle, and we apply industry-standard tools at various channels and centrally. 

Achieve some of the industry’s best de-duplication rates

Consolidate prospects, customers and loyalty members vs. decisions based on gut-feel or anecdotal evidence.

Provide a solid, accurate data foundation for operations across channels.

Accurately roll up all activities for a given prospect/customer under a single master record.

Power real-time, “moment-of-truth” customer experiences with confidence.

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