Overwhelmingly, Executives report the driving need for DevOps and adoption of automation and orchestration frameworks is driven by scalability needs and reduction of OpEx.

However, Execs often think that it’s the frameworks or tools themselves that bring the value. Without knowledge and expertise, the tools fall short - the true value of DevOps is not realized.

Success Stories

We’ve been solving complex problems and delivering high-quality solutions for more than a decade for enterprise clients spanning many markets, including retail, airlines, travel, and hospitality.

Success Stories

The winners in the next phase of engagement will be brands who can offer experience depth through immersive customer journeys and connect with their customers in creative and fun ways.


Southwest Airlines Launches New Loyalty Program

Southwest Airlines partnered with Loyalty Methods, a Rythmos company, to revamp their existing Rapid Rewards loyalty program. The All-New Rapid Rewards solution was built on the Oracle Siebel Loyalty platform and was the largest Siebel Loyalty implementation ever done for an Airline at the time. The innovative program rewards customers based on value and profitability has better value proposition for both customer and Southwest. The Program now allows members to redeem their points for every seat available, with no blackout dates or seat restrictions. According to Gary Kelly, Southwest Airline’s CEO and President, the new program will generate several hundred million dollars in revenue through strategic cross-industry partnerships.

  • Large-scale data migration of millions of members along with their existing credits and flight flown history into Oracle Siebel Loyalty application with minimal downtime.
  • Currency conversion from credits to the more granular point-based currency increases program profitability by cross-industry partnerships.
  • Enhanced tier structure and redemption options allowing for improved functionality for A-List members and points rules.
  • New and powerful ways to define ad hoc promotions which will help further capitalize on Rapid Rewards Program.
  • Support for substantial future growth of the Rapid Rewards program and partners.
  • Interface with large number of internal and external applications such as Southwest.com, Reservations, Kiosk, IVR and program partners.

Joe Migis, VP, Product Solutions - Technology, stated that “Loyalty Methods’ strength was the people they brought to the project. They have a phenomenal understanding of the product and a get it done attitude that matched up well with the legendary Southwest Airlines Warrior Spirit.”


Alaska Airlines soars to new heights with Siebel Loyalty

Seattle-based, Alaska Airlines partnered with Loyalty Methods, a Rythmos company, to become the first US-based airline to replace its Loyalty mainframe system with the Oracle Siebel Loyalty module. This innovative and ground-breaking project set the bar for the rest of the industry by making significant strides in enhancing customer loyalty through the use of a more flexible, faster, better, and more usable application. We also provided support for infrastructure components such as the Tibco-service bus.  Some of the key benefits that Alaska Airlines realized are:

  • Quicker organizational response to competitor airlines when they release new frequent flyer promotions – minutes instead of weeks!
  • Reduce training time for new hires in Customer Care.
  • Increased efficiency with improved speed and improved functionality while processing work.
  • Interface with a large number of external and internal partner systems.
  • Ability to support substantial future growth of the mileage plan program.
  • Provide the foundation for a common customer database which will enhance overall customer experience.
  • Improved audit controls that allow for accurate financial reporting.

“If there is such a thing as an insurance policy when commencing a project of this magnitude, then Loyalty Methods is it. They provided solutions, reassurance, and strong technical expertise throughout. I look forward to continuing our relationship with Loyalty Methods.”

Ann Ardizzone 
Managing Director - Customer Experience


Southwest Airlines successfully migrates to new reservation system on Amadeus Altea

Southwest converted its reservations systems to a new platform in a complex, $500 million project that will let the carrier launch red-eye flights, make schedule changes, accept foreign currency among a slew of other features. The move away from a 30-year-old system built in-house and by Southlake-based Sabre Corp. ranks as Southwest’s biggest technology update ever. More than 20,000 Southwest workers have been trained on the new system and has undergone months of testing. Rythmos is one of the major technology implementation partners who worked on this program. We delivered major functional features that will support this large program including:

  • Reservation Data Integration Platform using Sabre Intelligence Exchange (IX).
    • Develop APIs and web services to integrate reservation data to various customer-facing applications including .com, kiosk ,mobile, and loyalty.
    • Construct a transformation layer to translate messages from Altea into entities in the Reservation, Ticketing, Sales, PAX Activity and Departure domains.
    • Correlate IX events with other enterprise events to generate various notifications, loyalty accruals, refunds etc.
    • Implement rules and generate events for other consumers such as revenue accounting, operational performance, etc.
  • Near Real-time loading of Reservation and Ticketing data into Enterprise Data Warehouse.
  • Update Loyalty system with all the necessary changes to support new Altea.
  • Support Marketing with building new analytical modeling and update existing reports.

Gary Kelly, Southwest Airlines Chairman & CEO, said “Transitioning to a single reservation system is a transformational milestone for Southwest, and in fact, it’s the single largest technology initiative in our company’s history. I want to congratulate and thank thousands of our employees and our Partners who have worked tirelessly and diligently for several years to bring this home.”


Starbucks replaces legacy loyalty system with the ground-breaking Siebel Loyalty solution

Starbucks and Loyalty Methods, a Rythmos company, partnered to deliver a high-performance Siebel Loyalty, Marketing and OBIEE solution for the My Starbucks Reward program. This program recognizes and rewards loyalty when customers pay with a registered Starbucks Card and is a very popular program for millions of Starbucks customers. Given the popularity and visibility of the My Starbucks Rewards program as well as its impact on incremental revenue, the stakes were high. We are happy to report that the Loyalty Methods and Starbucks team worked together to deliver a successful, scalable and powerful solution. Some of the key features and benefits are:

  • Parallel System Migration cut-over method transitioned old system to new system, with zero downtime and zero customer impact.
  • Interface-by-interface cut over allowed for verifying each customer-facing interface before deciding to continue cutting over the next.
  • Eliminated per transaction costs associated with externally hosted legacy system.
  • A new and powerful way to define ad hoc promotions which will help further capitalize on the already effective and successful My Rewards program.
  • Unprecedented scalability with Siebel Loyalty batch engine component that delivers roughly 1 million transactions processed per hour.
  • Ground breaking store integration speed. Store transactions are processed in real-time by Siebel at volumes exceeding 300tps and end-to-end response times below 300ms.
  • Project delivered in record time. Taking under 9 months for backend and website processing and an additional 3 months to roll out POS adapter to more than 6800 stores.

We are currently providing 24x7 monitoring and support for the "My Starbucks" system from our Delivery Center in Hyderabad, India.

Century 21

Century 21 Department Store Launches New CRM Marketing Analytics System

Century 21 Department stores partnered with Loyalty Methods, a Rythmos company, to successfully deliver a unified Siebel CRM loyalty-marketing platform for the well-known New York discount retailer.

The newly released system will provide C21 with improved capabilities for segmentation and target marketing; faster and more flexible Business Intelligence reporting; and omni-channel, bi-directional integration. The system is a core foundation necessary to obtain the goal of a 360 degree view of their customers.

In addition, C21’s new system is completely hosted on CRMCloudBox, Loyalty Methods’ Amazon Cloud-based Siebel hosting services. The combination of Loyalty Methods’ expertise in the area of marketing-analytics platforms and the flexibility of building development, test, and productions environments using CRMCloudBox, allowed C21 to realize a fast go-to-market initiative.

With the success of this effort, Century 21 Department Stores has established core marketing capabilities and a solid foundation for building further channel integration, advanced predictive modeling and campaign targeting, as well as further insight through Business Intelligence tools.

“Loyalty Methods brought a very high level of expertise within the OBIEE technology platform, and a keen understanding of our downstream business needs.”

Harry Roberts 
CIO, Century 21 Department Stores


Southwest Airlines receives Teradata EPIC Award for its Customer Centricity Solutions

As part of transforming from Customer Service focus to a Customer-centric organization, Southwest partnered with Rythmos to build an integrated real-time Customer Data Warehouse (CDW) solution to deliver customer insights from any channel and help drive customer engagement, response, and loyalty. The CDW Solution enables Southwest Airlines to drive Customer insights, improve Customer acquisition and retention, dramatically expand Customer segmentation and fully leverage its investment in its new reservation system, Amadeus Altea.

  • Participated in vendor evaluation, selection and definition of the highly scalable solution using Teradata as core platform
  • Utilized Hospitality and Travel Industry model with real-time integration of multiple internal and external data sources to populate this data
  • Migrated 14TB of Customer data & converted 300+ processes, 7B+ rows of complex historical data sets and daily incremental updates of 3M+ records in real-time.
  • Introduced new Technology processes focused on:
    • Empowering Business Users with focus on Self Service; resulting in over 500% efficiency gain
    • Shortening the Development Lifecycle to be Flexible to meet the Business needs
    • Implementing new Processes to be used Enterprise wide
  • Created single view of the Customer and Customer activity across the organization
  • Near real-time data availability to enable just in time, relevant messaging to Customer, Customer Analytics (e.g. Segmentation and Behavioral Attributes)

Teradata EPIC Award Winner for Customer Insights and Engagement.

Holland America Line

Holland America Line, Pushing the Envelope with Siebel Loyalty, Marketing and OBIEE

Seattle-based Holland America Line (HAL) partnered with Loyalty Methods, a Rythmos company, to complete their largest ever IT project, to deliver an end-to-end solution for brand new Loyalty Program, Marketing automation and Master Data Management (MDM).

The partnership resulted in the successful delivery of a brand new Loyalty program that spans across the entire HAL enterprise including their entire fleet, and smooth launch of Siebel Marketing, which now provides HAL with the ability to lower the cost of their marketing operations as well as improving internal efficiency and accuracy in targeting its customers with relevant offers.

The new system provided improved visibility and recognition of customer loyalty status and reward eligibility, at every customer touch point. The success of this solution gave HAL one more way to increase customer brand affinity in the highly competitive cruise-line industry. In the new economic reality of today, only the truly analytical competitors will thrive and grow their businesses. It is nothing short of exciting to see a veteran of the industry like HAL join that club by acquiring new business and technology tools to better recognize their loyal customers and drive repeat business.

“Loyalty Methods was a critical partner in insuring a successful launch of our new marketing & loyalty CRM platform. Their dedication, vision and experience was evident from the first day of the engagement.”

Rick Meadows 
Executive Vice President, Marketing, Sales, Guest Programs


Ampersand Improves System Performance and Data Quality with IPAS

Mexico City-based, Ampersand, selected Loyalty Methods, a Rythmos company, and their Implementation and Advisory Services (IPAS) to review and optimize their Fiesta Rewards loyalty program.

We conducted a thorough review of Ampersand’s program and database, covering all areas such as program configuration; real-time interface designs; batch processing; data integrity; and database performance.  Provided recommendations and helped Ampersand in implementing these recommendations. This effort  allowed Ampersand to quickly reap the benefits of IPAS, with improved server performance during batch processing and a better understanding of resolving data issues. Some of the key benefits that Alaska Airlines realized are:

  • Improved batch processing time, from eight hours down to one.
  • Provided a library of SQL scripts to quickly monitor and analyze data integrity problems and maintain excellent data quality.
  • Reduced real-time integration steps during redemption-booking process to eliminate time outs and improve customer experience.
  • A new error-logging framework established throughout the program infrastructure to help technical teams in troubleshooting future problems.
  • Implemented best practices in setting up batch-integration processes, real-time integrations, and application configuration.
  • Improved efficiency of loyalty engine to process transactions as fast as possible.

“Since the first approach with Loyalty Methods we felt we were in the right hands. Besides their deep technical expertise they focus highly in results, always applying a practical approach to bring optimal solutions.”

Cuauhtemoc Galvez 
CTO, Ampersand