Airline CX Data Warehouse

Clean data is great for operations; however, it really shines in delivering revenue lift and higher engagement when applied to Marketing and Customer Experience Management . Through our ability to understand and bring together clean customer data along with all customer activities and attributes, we have delivered compelling near-real-time data warehouses that provide a solid base for analytics, reporting, machine learning and targeting.

Airline CX Data Warehouse


Our Airline CX Data Warehouse service delivers a customer-centric data solution through a layered approach, including airline data modeling, data source ingestion and streaming or ETL, data enrichment, derived metrics, real-time channel access services, reporting, machine learning, and actionable analytics dashboards

We are familiar with many of the typical airline sources and their data models such as reservations, ticketing, operations, loyalty, and others.

Deliver accessible, scalable data on premise or in cloud

Consolidate customer and prospect activities in a single data source.

Apply model-based scoring and segmentation across your audience

Stay relevant with multi-channel marketing campaigns to drive revenue and engagement

Predict customer propensity to buy and to sign-up for co-branded credit cards

Project forward customer life-time-value and other important measures

Integrate external sources such as social media, weather reporting, etc.

Integrate with external marketing suites such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Adobe Marketing Cloud or Oracle Marketing Cloud

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