Game QA and Test Automation

Delivering a quality, smooth experience and a defect-free product is crucial for any software project.

Game QA and Test Automation


At Rythmos, we understand that with gaming, this is even more critical, as users are generally likely to abandon a game much more easily than other types of software.

We can help in several ways:

Game Testing Services

Our highly effective QA teams are well-versed in the dynamics of fast-paced gaming projects and can scale the QA effort, freeing your resources to focus on core development. We understand the many facets of game testing, and have the methods, structure and discipline required to produce good coverage and provide meaningful insights into all aspects of quality. We also place great emphasis on communicating well with the game dev teams, to ensure quick triage and resolution of any quality issues discovered.

Test Automation Services

Rythmos has partnered with Unity Technologies to help with thousands of automated Unity core product tests using the Editor Test Framework and Play Mode Test Framework within the Unity platform. Our experience, combined with our ability to integrate automated tests directly into your CI/CD pipelines will ensure that any regressions in your project will be caught and dealt with right away.