Build or Enhance Analytics Systems

Data is valuable. But good, clean data that is strategically gathered and skillfully interpreted is beyond powerful. At Rythmos, we understand how to translate data into an actionable and invaluable business tool for strengthening customer relationships and identifying new growth opportunities.


Analyze and understand the Key Performance Indicators that gauge the success of your operation. We don’t just make pretty charts; we ensure they mean something to your business.

Analyze who, where and when people inside your company can leverage metrics, at the appropriate level of detail, and the appropriate level of access, for maximum impact to allow timely and contextually local decisions. The delivery of local context is not overlooked by our solution.

Build meta-data models to capture important metrics and calculate them in a consistent way across the enterprise, enabling more self-service and customization by end users without sacrificing the concept of “one truth”.


Rythmos experts will help you with the many aspects of building a highly usable set of user-facing analytics tools that are relevant to your business.

Build appropriate visualizations, such as interactive dashboards and reports, to capture meaning and put the data available in your company into an actionable context.

Apply machine learning algorithms to build predictive models that can be leveraged in customer-facing channels, as well as for broader marketing efforts.

Apply machine learning algorithms to better forecast and predict internal operational aspects of your business such as employee churn, supply chain planning, and others.

Turns complex data into information with consistent meaning across different levels in your company.

Enables the democratization of data-driven behavior from the highest management levels down to individual employees, arming them with meaningful insight in a timely, secure and efficient manner.

benifits-ico.png Benefits There are powerful benefits of optimized end-user analytics tools:

Allows intelligent direct action on customer-facing channels providing a relevant, personalized experience to drive difficult to capture desirable effects like “stickiness” and “wantedness” by customers.

Facilitates internal business self-optimization by relentlessly measuring, predicting and adjusting internal business processes.

Rythmos has the analytics expertise necessary to understand and expose your Key Performance Indicators and turn your data into actionable insights.

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