Develop Sabre Intelligence Exchange Applications

Our team at Rythmos has spent more than decade in the airline business with large US carriers, delivering a variety of solutions across many line-of-business (LOB) applications, such as Loyalty, Marketing, Reservations, Maintenance, and Operations. In our quest to deliver solutions quickly and stay competitive, we have found the Sabre Intelligence Exchange middleware product to be of immense value, and we have spent years building out our on-shore and off-shore expertise in this technology.

Develop Sabre Intelligence Exchange Applications


Design or work with an existing Canonical Data Model (CDM) for your airline, and map it to the Sabre Intelligence Exchange (IX) meta-model.

Analyze and map operational airline systems data to the Booking Domain, Customer Domain, Inventory Domain, and Ticket/Sales Domain of the IX meta-model.

Design and implement IX Web Service Endpoint interfaces to ingest, store and propagate domain data between IX and operational systems, using queue-based events and web services.

Design and implement IX Business Process Management (BPM) processes leveraging Common Condition Language (CCL) to filter and process events as they are ingested into IX.


Our team has delivered many types of applications built on the Sabre Intelligence Exchange (IX) platform, integrating different operational systems into the IX meta-model, applying rules and triggering enterprise events to drive external processes. We are experts in leveraging the full IX middleware to avoid complex point-to-point issues, and can provide any of the following services:

Design and implement Sabre Intelligence Exchange (IX) Analyzers via the IX Data Analysis Framework, to analyze incoming data and produce derived dynamic data within the IX Operational Data Store (ODS). We can build Java analyzers and register them with the IX Systems Data Store (SDS) to achieve diverse goals, such as customer experience, no-show probability, or fraud detection.

Leverage Rythmos’ custom accelerator frameworks and tools for tracking events and messages, optimizing performance and automating testing of IX applications. We have built a lot of accelerators based on our extensive experience with the platform that cut development and testing time.

Cost-effective implementation of IX through Rythmos’ off-shore delivery center. Our IX teams in Hyderabad, India are not just trained on IX – they have actual development experience, battle-tested skills and real ingenuity when it comes to building IX apps.

Experience building a large-scale IX System to handle reservation flow, with complex rules and high-volume SLAs, spanning reservations, customer care, marketing, loyalty and operations.

benifits-ico.png Benefits The main benefits of our services in the Sabre Intelligence Exchange space are:

Strong airline background and airline domain expertise resulting from our 10+ years in the airline industry, working with large carriers like Alaska Airlines, Southwest Airlines and LAN Chile.

Proven delivery track record, providing one of the industry’s most ambitious Sabre Intelligence Exchange projects for Southwest Airlines.

Rythmos has extensive experience delivering solutions leveraging the Sabre Intelligence Exchange middleware product for large airlines. Contact us to learn what we can do for you.

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