Lift and Shift a Data Warehouse to Cloud

If you are building a new data warehouse solution, then there are fewer and fewer reasons not to do it in the cloud. However, if you have already made significant investments in on premise data warehousing, and you’d like to move to the cloud, you will benefit from our experience and help in doing this.

Lift and Shift a Data Warehouse to Cloud


Analyze and document your existing data warehouse architecture, data model, and how it is connected to the rest of your enterprise systems.

Analyze and document the data management processes that exist to transform and blend the data coming into or going out to various systems.

Analyze and document the security aspects of your current solution, capturing user authentication and authorization, as well as PII, PCI and other compliance issues that will be considered when crafting the cloud data warehouse.


We bring almost a decade of cloud experience, starting with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in 2008, and more recently working with newer partners such as IBM and Microsoft Azure. What we offer

Produce an improved architecture for either AWS Redshift or Azure SQL Data Warehouse to enable future growth and enhanced performance.

Plan a detailed data migration effort, along with a carefully crafted cut-over strategy to ensure no disruption to your business from this transition.

Build out your solution, in terms of its data model and the processes that will feed the model with data from your source systems.

Execute the cut-over plan, allowing for a parallel run where possible to reduce cut-over risks.

Ability to scale up or down on demand, allowing for cost to vary based on workload. Pay for what you use only.

Reduced cost compared to on premise Massively Parallel Processors (MPPs) such as Teradata and Oracle Exadata.

Capability to grow to peta-byte scale while maintaining performance and cost efficiency.

benifits-ico.png Benefits The benefits of cloud data warehousing are scalability, reduced costs, and more:

Reduced cost of operation through automated backups, automatic feature upgrades and other maintenance hassles.

Proximity of data allows leveraging powerful cloud services such as machine learning, visualization and AI deep learning services.

SQL compatibility ensures your analysts won’t have to learn obscure NoSQL or big data query languages.

Rythmos has the expertise and execution methodology necessary to deliver end-to-end Cloud Data Solutions for your business.

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