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Is your organization realizing the business value promised from DevOps? Do you know the biggest challenge to your organizations' success?

Is it people, process, tools & technology, or IT?  A recent Gartner survey of IT and business leaders using DevOps found that people issues were the primary concern among respondents, while process, technology and IT were lesser issues to manage.

DevOps emphasizes people (and culture) over tools and processes, and while the implementation utilizes technology, it requires a cultural shift to merge operations with development. It takes a proven solution and the right people, in order to get the DevOps process right.

A Proven Solution

You need a team of experts to assess where you are, find problems, gaps, and improvement opportunities.

You need Rythmos. We can assess your current development, operations, collaboration, and automation practices, evaluate your current toolchain, infrastructure, and pipeline, and determine opportunities for improvement from a people, process, and technology perspective.

A Proven Solution

Rythmos Managed Services Delivery Process

Assessment-ico.png Assessment

Rythmos assessment services include examining and rationalizing existing:

  • Toolchains
  • Infrastructures
  • Processes
  • Pipelines

Once examined, Rythmos helps identify and plan automation and additional tooling opportunities.

implementation-ico.png Implementation

Rythmos implementation services include developing:

  • Pipeline Design
  • Tool Configuration
  • Tool Integration/Triggering
  • Automation Scripts
  • Alerts and Reporting
  • Process Documentation
support-ico.png Support

Rythmos Support services include ongoing management that covers:

  • Pipeline Monitoring
  • Collaborative Troubleshooting
  • Continuous Enhancements
  • On-boarding New Teams
  • Log Management
  • Incident Management

We help organizations like yours improve DevOps with our finely-tuned, repeatable, agile, Enterprise-scale managed services DevOps solutions - customized for your needs.


Rythmos DevOps Optimization:
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