Exceptional Loyalty Solutions

Loyalty Methods, a Rythmos company, has been delivering highly successful CX implementations since 2007, with a mission to help companies build and support large-scale customer experience solutions; to do it safely, simply, quickly and elegantly.

Exceptional Loyalty Solutions

Loyalty Methods

a Rythmos Company

Our Loyalty Methods company has been solving complex integration and data problems and delivering Loyalty solutions for many years for large-scale, complex organizations such as Starbucks, Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines and more. We have developed a strategic method to deliver results for CX strategy, CX implementation and CX evolution. Most importantly, our team, our platform and our methods are designed to work well together, building on our existing expertise in the Loyalty space, and leveraging our off-shore delivery center to manage initial and ongoing cost optimization.

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ReactorCX Loyalty Platform

ReactorCX is a real-time, cloud-based, multi-channel customer engagement and loyalty platform. It is built on a scalable big data technology stack and leverages an adaptive integration layer to enable quick and easy multi-channel solutions that integrate well within your infrastructure.

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