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A Salesforce Marketing Cloud Primer

Posted by Rythmos on Nov 21, 2018 3:00:00 PM

Detailed knowledge of your customers should always drive your marketing actions.

Yet, many businesses are unnecessarily struggling to assume what their customers want, predict their behaviors and next movements, and commit to untested guesswork.

That’s where Salesforce Marketing Cloud proves to be invaluable - a substantial step forward in managing and understanding your customers across every marketing channel.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Launched in the year 2000 under the name ExactTarget, and later acquired by Salesforce in 2013 for $2.5 billion, this robust marketing application has long established itself as a leader among cloud-based CRMs.

Today, it’s a comprehensive, accessible solution for harnessing and organizing customer data to create memorable and impactful user experiences and improve response rates.

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a web-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform designed to help businesses better understand their customers, create a personalized experience, and efficiently manage them across multiple channels, including email, social media, website, and mobile.

The platform provides detailed, actionable data across the entire customer journey. It allows businesses to connect every customer interaction and automate timely, impactful marketing messages and content.

It is equipped with powerful AI-driven predictive analysis tools which allow business owners to make smarter and more efficient marketing decisions.

Predictive analytics in Salesforce utilize big data to anticipate future customer behavior, and it steers users down the right road to increase the impact of their marketing messages.

For example, Salesforce can provide information on which channel might be most useful for a new campaign targeting a particular segment based on prior data and response rates.

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Event triggers in Salesforce allow for the initiation of actions which in turn assist with gathering data and efficiently driving customers through the sales funnel.

Triggers might come in the form of a welcome message for a sign-up or an automatic customer data record update after an event, such as a recent purchase or shopping cart abandonment.

The event triggers can be used to prioritize automation and facilitate clean, concise data. This prevents data inconsistencies, manual errors, data updates going on the back burner, and other issues that arise from a lack of automation.

It is all accessible on Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud, providing a streamlined and readily available platform to tailor marketing efforts to take advantage of customer needs and wants.

Features and Capabilities

Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides extensive features and capabilities to engage customers:

  • AI-driven predictive intelligence allows users to deliver customized content to increase response rates.
  • Fill your pipeline more effectively with high-quality leads and track the results at every step.
  • End users can create robust landing pages using CloudPages. The drag and drop integration can keep your marketing funnels expanding, while also allowing you to track the results of your current pages. Drop what doesn’t work, fine tune what does.
  • Capture prospects more efficiently by testing out different forms. Short and concise forms may generate more customers.
  • Create webinars and videos to connect directly with your customer base.
  • Use Mobile Studio to personalize SMS, push notifications, and group messaging to get your brand in front of your eager customers.
  • Utilize Pardot, a single unified platform for all B2B engagement

Salesforce users can leverage the full power of its many apps and capabilities to draw in more customers, engage them at a deeper level, and tweak their strategies to remain more competitive than ever before.

Benefits of Using Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers the latest innovation in CRM features. By applying the above capabilities to the highest degree, users can coordinate multiple channels and improve all of their marketing efforts.

The platform is built with a number of key benefits in mind. Ease of use is one of the most defining benefits. Users can easily create and execute cross-channel campaigns using handy templates, saving them time.

Automation keeps your attention where it needs to be. The platform uses advanced AI to discover new segments and engage with the most profitable consumers.

Every touch point is streamlined and connected through Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Advertising, sales, service, and software development all correspond and communicate.

While competitors are confused and disorganized, juggling multiple campaigns, follow-ups, and channels in various platforms, Salesforce Marketing Cloud combines it all in one place and provides incredible cohesion for the companies that utilize it.

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It ensures that companies deliver the right message, to the right people, at the right time, all the time. As simple as this may seem, it is an area where many businesses are significantly lacking due to the that is often associated with modern digital marketing campaigns.

Through behavior analysis, Salesforce Marketing Cloud can be used to create a unique journey and experience for each customer, based on what their prior actions have been.

Perhaps a customer abandoned the cart before purchasing, or another group has opened emails but hasn’t spent much time on the website yet. In either scenario and countless others, the marketing messages can be carefully tailored to drive the next action and provide relevant, desirable content.

Through Salesforce Marketing Cloud, businesses keep their marketing neatly organized and also learn much more about their customers so that they can create personalized experiences, improving loyalty, follow up campaign effectiveness, and conversion rates.


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