Overwhelmingly, Executives report the driving need for DevOps and adoption of automation and orchestration frameworks is driven by scalability needs and reduction of OpEx. However, Execs often think that it’s the frameworks or tools themselves that bring the value. Without knowledge and expertise, the tools fall short - the true value of DevOps is not realized.

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The Rise of Conversational UI is Changing how Humans Interact with Technology

Posted by Rythmos on Feb 28, 2020 8:30:00 AM

Think about those automated phone menus that everyone hates—the ones with pre-programmed menus and a lot of generic options that always seem to change. A lot of users wait or skip through those prompts and end up calling the operator because the option they needed didn't exist.

A Conversational UI (CUI) aims to solve the problems created by an inflexible interface that lacks user engagement. It builds on the automation of interactions between humans and machines in ways that simulate more realistic conversations. By measuring users' input and offering customized responses to their queries in real-time, CUIs provide meaningful choices to people by letting them express what they need freely.

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Topics: UI, Conversational UI

The Growing Reality of AR and VR

Posted by Rythmos on Feb 14, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Did you know that AR/VR, more commonly known as Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality, has become a household name over the past couple of years? We see this innovative technology integrated into many more aspects of our daily lives, from video games to phone apps. What changes in our society have driven this technology to break into the spotlight finally?

What is AR/VR?

Before we can discuss the significance of these technologies, we first need to identify what they are. AR, or Augmented Reality, involves the use of graphics or animations and overlaying or augmenting them onto the real world. Think Pokemon Go. The Pokemon creatures can be seen right on your kitchen table. You can try to “catch” them in your environment as part of the game.

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Topics: VR, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, AR

Fintech Innovation is Changing how Customers Interact with the Finance Industry

Posted by Rythmos on Dec 2, 2019 4:30:00 PM

Financial Technology, better known by its catchier name Fintech, is one of the fastest growing industries today and as with emerging technologies come new trends. Fintech has evolved exponentially over the past few years, working its way into every facet of our daily lives. 

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Topics: FinTech

Can a Content Management System Help your Online Presence?

Posted by Rythmos on Nov 18, 2019 8:15:00 AM

It’s no secret that business owners constantly have a thousand thoughts running through their heads. From keeping up with the day-to-day operations as well as planning for the future, it can be challenging to remember to create content. Even if it is on your mind, it’s tough to carve out the time when you feel like you could be doing something “more important.” This dilemma is where content management systems, or CMS, can help.

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Topics: Content Management System, CMS

There is more to Cybersecurity than a Change Password Policy

Posted by Rythmos on Nov 2, 2019 3:30:00 PM

You may already be familiar with the concept of cybersecurity. All of us know the importance of utilizing different passwords for sensitive accounts or completely logging off of a shared computer when done. Is there more to cybersecurity that you should consider? What specific action should you take to ensure your business is safe? Here is your crash course on cybersecurity and what you can do to protect yourself.

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Topics: Cyberattacks, Cybersecurity, Disaster Recovery Plan

Can Augmented Analytics Improve your Data Initiatives?

Posted by Rythmos on Oct 15, 2019 8:00:00 AM

It's no secret that tracking your analytics is vital to transforming your company into a market leader. In today's technology-centered world, analytics helps us pinpoint where our traffic is coming from to put more effort into campaigns that have proved successful. Recently, the concept of augmented analytics has come to the forefront, in what Gartner calls "the future of data analytics."

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Topics: Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Data Science, Augmented Analytics

Machine Learning: Established or Emerging Technology?

Posted by Rythmos on Oct 1, 2019 9:00:00 AM

In today's fast-moving world, artificial intelligence, or AI, is becoming more and more commonplace. We are shifting to letting machines do more of our work, and we are already reaping the benefits from this quickly growing technology. Machine learning, a subset of artificial intelligence, is on the rise as well, but we in the general public don't know as much about it. Here are some key points you should know to increase your awareness of machine learning.

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Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Digital Transformation, Machine Learning

6 Key Points to know about Consumption-Based IT Services

Posted by Rythmos on Sep 16, 2019 7:00:00 AM

The IT services you use in your business can be the key to running a smooth and efficient operation. While there are various ways that an IT company can charge for services, one of the most common is consumption-based. If you aren’t familiar with or currently using consumption-based IT services, now may be the time to start considering it. This newly emerging pricing strategy may be the future of IT.

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Topics: Consumption-Based IT

What is GDPR and how does it affect you?

Posted by Rythmos on Aug 30, 2019 8:00:00 AM

No, GDPR is not the name of the latest Euro-punk band. Instead, it is the European Union (EU) regulation concerning the protection and privacy of data. The General Data Protection Regulation was created to allow individuals to keep and maintain control of their own data. Here is some basic information to jump start your knowledge of its impact on your organization and how you interact with customers.

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Topics: GDPR, Data Protection

Has the Promise of Connected Cloud Platforms Come to Fruition?

Posted by Rythmos on Aug 15, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Cloud computing was more of a pariah in its early days than the digital transformation enabler that it is today. The idea of taking all of your company's digital information, everything, and launching it into the cloud hoping that everything would work out okay, seemed quite risky to many companies.

The negative PR image wasn’t entirely unjustified either. With puzzling, high-profile data leaks, notable system outages, and a dirge of competing providers many with less-than-stellar track record and image in their own right, cloud platforms had a lot more going against them.

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Topics: cloud, Digital Transformation, connected cloud, multicloud

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